Beasiswa Studi Pasca Sarjana di Kingston University London

Sejenak berhenti dari gonjang ganjing eksekusi Amrozy CS, ingin mengumumkan beasiswa dari Kingston University of London. Paling tidak agar manusia-manusia Indonesia lebih cerdas menyikapi konflik sosial di negara kita tercinta ini.
Khusus bagi mahasiswa pasca sarjana, 2 beasiswa penelitian dibidang Sustainable Design kerjasama antara the Audi Design Foundation dan Kingston University. Beasiswa termasuk biaya kuliah, biaya tinggal dan travel senilai £11,000. Siswa yang berhasil akan memulai program ini dibulan Oktober 2008 selama satu tahun. Lengkapi formulir aplikasi dan surat pernyataan sejumlah 1000 kata. Deadline is end of May 2009

The Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture is pleased to announce two annual scholarships supported by the Audi Design Foundation and Kingston University. Each scholarship covers the MA Design for Development or MA by Research tuition fees and a maintenance and travel grant of £11,000. Successful students would attend the course from mid to late September of the relevant year.
We are looking for candidates from developing countries, including China, India and South African, who would not otherwise be able to study sustainable design at postgraduate level in the United Kingdom. Please view excluded countries list for detail of nationals not eligible to apply for a scholarship. Candidates need to demonstrate their studies or research project will support and promote sustainable design that creates a positive change in people’s lives in their home country.

Students wishing to apply for the awards need to complete a Postgraduate Application Form (for an MA Design for Development or MA by Research) and Audi Design Foundation Scholarship Scheme Form. The scholarship form requires a 1,000 word statement on:
1. what you expect to gain from the postgraduate opportunity
2. how you intend to use your experience and knowledge in the future and
3. what your long-term goals/plans are.
The Audi Design Foundation Scholarship Committee is particularly interested in how you envisage using the knowledge you gain from the course in the development of your own country or region.
Applications must be made in English.

How can I apply?
Potential students wishing to apply for one of the two Audi Design Foundation Scholarships should submit the following completed paperwork:
1. Kingston University Postgraduate Application Form – Please send this form to the FADA Postgraduate Admissions Administrator as indicated below
2. Audi Design Foundation Scholarship Form (this includes 1,000 word ‘Letter of Support’ statement and ‘Letter of Reference’).
The above documentation should be submitted in English.

Completed application forms and requests for further information should be forwarded to the Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture (FADA) Postgraduate Admissions Administrator.
FADA Research Administrator
Faculty of Art, Design & Architecture
Kingston University
Knights Park campus
Kingston upon Thames
Surrey KT1 2QJ
United Kingdom

If you have any questions about the application and selection procedure, please read our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) section. For further information please contact FADA Postgraduate Admissions Administrator:
Tel: 00 44 (0)20 8547 7416
Fax:00 44 (0)20 8547 7631

Informasi dari Data Beasiswa Scholarship

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6 Tanggapan to “Beasiswa Studi Pasca Sarjana di Kingston University London”

  1. hijrah Says:

    Wah menarik ni..teurimong geunaseh bang info jih..

  2. hijrah Says:

    kalo ada info lagi boleh bang..

  3. blogger insyaf Says:

    S1 aja belom, gimana mo daftar yah… hehehe

  4. Adieska Says:

    Hehehehe… Ada selingannya juga… Sama kayak Adam si Blogger Insyaf deh komennya 😛 S1 aja belum kelar. Wkwkwkwkwk 🙂

  5. Sigit Says:

    kalo beasiswa jurusan mechanical engineering ada bang? ^_^

  6. Dony Ariyanto Says:

    terima kasih infonya….. insya Allah dikit lagi kelar s1 neh… maw nerusin s2 juga, jika ada kesempatan…. hehe…

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